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Bring Order to Your Chaos

No matter what the season is, tenant comfort is a never-ending job. Stop running around adjusting thermostats. Find out how. 


Improve Tenant Satisfaction

If your tenants are not comfortable they're not going to be happy. Keep your lease rates high by keeping your tenants comfortable. 


Where else would you like to be today?

Control your HVAC systems from wherever you are. Check out our full-featured mobile platform.


Hot calls got you down?

Getting through your day when your phone won't stop ringing can be brutal. Find out how to make it stop and take control of your day. 


Building Owners Facility Managers Property Managers

Saving money makes you money

There is a better way!

Happy tenants & owners

Incenergy Nominated for 2014 Intel Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability Award

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We are honored to have been nominated for this prestigious award!  We are in good company with MHD Enterprises and Car2Go.  Stay tuned - winner announced in late August.  Whether you want to go green or just put more green on your balance sheet, Incenergy can help.

Challenge: A 35-Year Old Facility Operating 24/7/365

Stonebriar Saves 35% Energy with Incenergy

Incenergy comes to the rescue of a Senior Living facility short on cash but heavy on energy usage.  It's been a year since we've installed in Stonebriar Nursing & Rehabilitation.  Find out how much savings the amazing team at Stonebriar etched out of their energy usage with no capital investment.  Stonebriar Case Study

"When the A/C in our $6 million control room would go down, we would prop open doors and set up fans to blow in fresh air until we could get an HVAC contractor on site. Now Incenergy notifies me to address the problem ahead of time."
Building Engineer - TV news station
"I used to get calls from tenants complaining because their office was too hot. Now with the Incenergy system, I log on in the morning to check which units are flagged. Then my team starts solving problems before the tenants know there is one....
Mario Martinez, Highland Park Place Building Engineer, Stream Realty Partners
"Keeping employees from adjusting schedules was the biggest headache of my job. Incenergy made it easy to schedule all 71 thermostats in twelve locations. I can now make sure they are set back to energy saving settings after hours."
Jerry Duckworth, Facilities Operations Manager, LegacyTexas Bank
“Incenergy made it easy to diagnose HVAC problems and react quickly. I spend less than half the time that I used to dealing with HVAC problems. It also clarifies whether there is a real problem or if a tenant is just complaining.”
Randall Kubiak, Director of Operations
"In addition to saving on energy costs, we are also saving on labor.In the past, we had 52 thermostats that had to be programmed manually, taking at least two to three hours. Now it's done in five minutes."
Linda Matyas, Facilities Director, St. Gabriel's Catholic School
"The energy savings alone is providing our client with a one-year payback on their investment. At this rate, the Incenergy EMS will contribute over a million pounds of avoided CO2 emissions per year for the life of the system.”
Bill Moebius, Director of Energy and Sustainable Operations, Stream Realty Partners
"With just 2 Incenergy smart thermostats I have saved hundreds of dollars on my energy bill, even though this summer was hotter than the last."
Christian Markel, DSI Systems Branch Manager
"Dealing with HVAC issues was a nightmare. I relied on maintenance personnel going room to room to reprogram thermostats. Now I use the lockout feature to prevent staff from accessing thermostat settings, and it has worked wonderfully."
Linda Matyas, Facility Director
“Computers are completely alien to me. Your system took no time at all to learn. You can tell what’s going on from the displays. It’s not rocket science.”
86-year-old Robert Jones of Greater Texas Realty
"While on a business trip in Asia, I received a fault detection email. I was able to remotely log in, diagnose the problem and get our HVAC company out to address the issue. Very cool."
Ian Hale, General Manager - Atlas Copco Allen Distribution Center
“The Incenergy system has met our energy saving goals. Our occupancy rates are up 20% while our energy costs are down 6% since installing Incenergy. The building owners are happy with their investment.”
William Bailey - Property Manager at Stream Realty Partners, LP
"Over the holidays, when the restaurant was closed, a cooler failed. The Incenergy alarm informed me and I was able to get the cooler back up. Without that alarm, it would have been 36 hours before we knew of the failure and all the cooler...
Chuck Penland - Owner, Long John Silvers
“Having supply air data makes it easy to see exactly what’s going on. I don’t have to guess at the root cause of a zone that is too hot or too cold. Plus, the alarms let me know immediately if a unit is not performing.”
Steve Swanson - CEM, Triangle Energy Solutions
"On the in-house changes I've made here at Thomaston Savings Bank, we save roughly $100,000 year and HALF of that savings will be from Incenergy."
Gary Mathews, Facilities Supervisor
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