About Incenergy

Incenergy was founded on a simple notion. Reducing electricity usage gives the biggest saving in the shortest time for the least amount of money. From this premise we continue to find ways to deliver the simplest, easiest commercial energy management solutions.

We Believe the Most Competitive Businesses Are the Least Wasteful

Our goal is to help you grow your business while minimizing your carbon footprint and energy expenses. Our energy management system is designed to enable building owners, operators and corporate portfolio managers to effectively understand, monitor, and manage energy use, so they can make informed decisions that cut waste.  We design our solutions so they are simple to use, affordable and versatile so that anyone can implement them and benefit from them.

At our core, we are an experienced team of software professionals who seek to modernize and simplify energy management.  

We have brought together the best and brightest from the worlds of consumer electronics, smart grid technology, data communications, and building automation and controls. We are currently saving energy and simplifying people’s lives in buildings from North America to the Middle East.

Incenergy LLC is a locally-owned Austin, Texas-based company that offers Energy Management System solutions for all types of commercial buildings.