ISO 50001 and Sub Metering

Jul 18, 2016

Living and working in Central Texas this time of year, it’s hard not to feel the impact of rising utility costs as we are faced with weeks of triple digit temperatures and the lack of rain producing clouds that help fill our natural water supplies. These days the ramifications of climate change are reaching far beyond our local areas and have become an international concern. For example, today, in Austin, Texas, we are experiencing extreme dust in the upper level of our atmosphere from the Sahara desert in Africa. Scientists, over the past few decades have only begun monitoring the hundreds of millions of tons of airborne particles that are transported across the Atlantic from Africa. Prior to that, they were aware of the occurrence, but lacked the tools and the satellite imagery that now captures and monitors the phenomenon. With that said, it’s evident that without the proper tools and measurement devices, the scientists could never have anticipated the effect on human health, productivity, climate and the environment.

With climate change, Foreign Trade, and a rising world population, it’s a priority for companies to adhere to international standards to benefit business, society and the environment. In 1945, ISO International Standards were developed by a group of subject matter experts from around the globe. The organization created a set of strategic tools that assists businesses by minimizing waste and errors which in turn increases productivity. The ISO Standards cover topics such as energy efficiency, renewables, water, climate change, sustainable development, services, transportation, food, accessibility and health and safety. Although participation in the International Standards is voluntary for businesses, by utilizing some of the strategic tools and guidelines, they are able to cut costs, increase customer satisfaction, access new markets and reduce environmental impact.

For example, pressure on the world’s water resources is reaching unsustainable levels with less than 3% of the world’s water being fresh. Global conservation is a must to maintain safe water supplies. To address overconsumption, businesses can easily install sub meters at any portion of a system to help identify unusual flow rates, peaks in usage, and leaks in the system. In turn, anomalies are identified before they become problems.

ISO 50001 – Energy Management provides a framework for organizations to develop policies; fix targets and objectives; use data to better understand use; measure the results; improve energy efficiency. An Energy Management system used in conjunction with the Standards (ISO-50001) provides tangible and quantifiable benefits to companies. At Incenergy, our smart devices and smart sensors combined with our Energy Management Dashboard can help your business automate, analyze, control and report data to drive efficiency and help you make a positive impact on the world we live in. All of this can be accomplished through one simple integrated solution that will reduce your usage and lower your bills the very first month. Learn more about water sub metering in our next post.

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