What’s New?

1. Release – 6.2

  • We now have a Spanish-language web portal: https://ems.incenergy.com/CommPortal_es
  • Map Tab: Your locations are shown on the all new Map tab where each location is shown as a pie chart of the system status
  • Mouse over the map location to see the summary totals for that location
  • Click the map location to go to the Smart Devices tab filtered to just the devices for that location
  • Added “Yesterday’s Usage” column to all meter devices
  • Changed the format of date displays and date pickers for consistent international use
  • Expanded support for LED devices with dimmable schedules and dimmable overrides
  • New feature: Displays “Overridden Until” for lighting and thermostats
  • Indoor Temp column moved to in between the Cool Point and Heat Point
  • User interface changes to the sensor-triggered commands
  • Added UI support for 3 new products: LED’s, motion sensors, and light sensors
  • Added UI support to trigger sensor commands for LED devices


2. Release – 6.1
  • Added Occupied and Unoccupied periods to the Override report
  • Added new columns for all devices: (Unique) Device ID, City/State/Zip, In Override
  • Added filter fields for many columns that were missing them (customer request)
  • Some cleanup of text labels
  • Added support for LED dimmable lighting (new product)
  • Made PIN code invisible to read-only users (customer request)
  • Added Schedule Summary report to thermostats (customer request)
  • Added Meter Usage report to electricity meters (customer request)
  • Added selectable data granularity to electricity meter barcharts (customer request)
  • Fixed Cost of Cooling report not reporting values greater than $999
  • Added email link in portal header
  • Made Last Communication date show actual value in hours and days (customer request)
  • Corrected tooltip to show time on occupied periods sliders
  • Corrected too-short Retype Password field
  • Switched water meters to always report Gallons instead of Liters
  • Switched gas meters to always report CuFt instead of CuM
  • Added units to all CSV export files
3. Release – 6.0
  • Fixed the ‘Save Image’ feature of the on-screen reports not saving a full image
  • Removed ‘Save Image’ from the Hot and Cold Calls report because it made no sense
  • Added ‘What’s New’ link
  • Lighting and Switch Controls devices are now separated but functionally identical for the moment
  • We now support submeter billing for electricity meters.
  • We now support water and gas meters.
  • Gas and water meters now support bar charts as well as standard monitoring charts
  • Electricity meter bar charts now have monthly (month-over-month) capability with drill-down to daily.
  • Electricity meter bar charts now have back and forward buttons that function like a browser so you can return to your previous chart if you performed a drill-down.
  • Electricity meter bar charts now show the total usage for the period onscreen.
  • Exports for meter data have totals and units.
  • There are a bunch of minor improvements to the UI such as tooltips and trivial stuff.
  • We now support read-only users in the web portal.
  • Overrides report now has both a period summary section in the email body AND occupied and unoccupied totals (using default occupied periods). You’ll be able to change the occupied periods in 6.1.
  • We now have a basic device schedule summary report that is by-request – this will appear in the portal in 6.1.
  • We now have a user summary report that is by-request – this will appear in the portal in 6.1.
  • Different types of switch sensors now report different on/off values depending on the installation type (i.e. water detection reports Wet/Dry).
4. For the hardware:
  • Thermostats can now support scheduling HVAC Off
  • We now have a Zigbee mesh strength analysis tool for onsite installers.
  • We have made device joining MUCH faster.
  • We have made Over-The-Air update much, faster and more reliable.
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